Top Personal Finance Posts Of The Week – Facebook IPO Post Mortem Analysis Edition

So…Facebook’s IPO was on Friday…and it was one of the least exciting IPOs I’ve ever seen.

The hype leading up to it was off the charts. This was supposed to be one of the biggest IPOs in years. It opened pretty stinkin’ close to my prediction. And then slowly dropped back to the IPO price – $38.

I expected a big pop, but the fact that there really wasn’t much of one shows that the investment bankers did their job and priced the IPO well. A big pop would mean that they underpriced the stock and FB wouldn’t have received as much money as it should have.

Now, I betcha we see a big drop when the market opens tomorrow. I still think the stock is way overpriced.

Top Post of the Week

Kurt Fischer @ Money Counselor writes Jobless Youth Take Action – Slammed by the terrible trio of an anemic job market, lower starting pay, and record student debt, young people are organizing to seize the day. Through initiatives like Campaign for Young America and Fix Young America, 20-somethings resolve to find or create jobs for themselves, move out of their parents’ basements, and resurrect America as the land of opportunity.

Lena Gott @ Taxes and Stuff writes President Obama’s 2011 Tax Return – You can learn a LOT about someone by looking at their tax return. Wanna know how much Barack Obama made in 2011 from his job as President and from book royalties? Wanna know what kinds of tax deductions he takes and how he allocates his charitable contributions? Read on to learn these and other highlights from Obama’s 2011 income tax return. You’ll even be able to pull up several years’ worth of presidential tax returns to see them for yourself!

TRL @ The Retired Landlord writes Important Traits of a Successful Landlord – Find out what it takes to be a successful landlord. Do you have these important traits to make a profit in real estate investing?

Sustainable PF @ Sustainable Personal Finance writes Green Tip #242: Sharing Toys – Share toys, keep your baby stimulated but save money.

Jeremy @ Modest Money writes Keeping Up With The Joneses In The Digital Age – As the internet has evolved and we truly enter the digital age as a society, the biggest enemy of our personal finances has been quietly growing stronger and stronger. No it’s not inflation. It’s not government taxes. It’s something much less obvious. It’s those pesky Joneses!

Earth and Money @ Earth and Money writes Planning a Green Frugal Wedding – Guests – At most weddings, there is a fixed cost associated with every guest that attends – food, dishes, venue, all these things are related to the number of guests that you have. So that begs the question – do you really want to invite your dad’s cousin’s nephew’s boyfriend who winds up getting drunk at the open bar?

Dave @ Financial Conflict Coach writes How To Map Your Financial Relationships – A Financial Relationship Map helps you create a current snapshot of where your money goes, where it comes from and how strong or weak these financial relationships are. It’s not about numbers- it’s about relationships.

Brent Pittman @ On Target Coaching writes S.H.I.E.L.D. Your Finances from Total Destruction – Protect your finances like Nick Fury and the Avengers are protecting the earth from total destruction by using the S.H.I.E.L.D. method.

Kraig @ Young, Cheap Living writes How to Achieve Balance and Do What You Care About – How well do your values and what you care about line up with what you actually spend your time and money on? My definition of life balance here is based on if you’re doing what’s important to you, or other things which are throwing your balance off.

Jeff Rose @ Life Insurance by Jeff writes Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance – How Does it Work? – For those who cannot get approved for a basic term life policy, guaranteed acceptance life insurance is the solution to their problem.

Sean @ One Smart Dollar writes How is My Credit Limit Determined? – Understanding how your credit line is determined can be a great way to start understanding your finances.

Aaron @ Aaron writes How to be extraordinary – Have you ever stopped and wonder how people like Mozart, Shakespeare, DaVinci and even Jordan became such an influence in our everyday lives? How is it that they became so creative and talented that it seems almost impossible for anyone to try to be like them?

JB @ My University Money writes Are Banks Really In It For You? – Learn from my mistakes and never assume the banks are in it for you. They aren’t, in fact they make a killing off you so don’t make it easy on them whenever they try to push a product on you.

Young @ Young And Thrifty writes RRSP vs RESP Accounts – There are obviously numerous aspects of each person’s financial situation that will come into play when looking at whether a RRSP or an RESP contribution is right for them.

Khaleef Crumbley @ Faithful With A Few writes 4 Reasons Why I Will Not File For Bankruptcy – To file for bankruptcy is not an easy decision. Even though it has become more common, here are 4 reasons why I will never do it!

Kim @ Money and Risk writes How to Get a Hot New IPO and Why You Did Not Get One – Ever wonder how you can get shares of a hot IPO – initial stock offering? Here’s the scoop.