Desks are Fond of Instagram

A new survey shows that Danish agencies focus on Instagram as they move around the social media. Facebook is being used to a lesser extent and Twitter is completely foreign to the bureau world.

The SoMe results from Storyclash show a clear strategic trend from the agencies. The focus is primarily on Instagram. 87 percent of the top Top 20 agencies’ aggregate interactions, as Storyclash measured in August, took place at Instagram. But what communication platform should a Danish bureau today choose? For agencies dealing with fashion and design, a photo sharing service like Instagram is a logical choice. But for agencies with a different profile, Instagram does not have to be an obvious choice of the communication channel.

Instagram is our main sales channel

Noise PR is the Danish bureau, which has achieved the most interactions in social media in August. With 3,718 interactions, Noise PR draws drastically from the rest of the Danish bureaucracy. Number two on the list, SPACE10, achieved 2,728 interactions.

According to Stine Kirkegaard Hoffmann, founder, and CEO of Noise PR, the agency is completely rooted in Instagram’s platform. “Both for our customers, but also for us as a bureau, Instagram is the most important communication tool we work with. Today it is definitely one of the most important sales channels we have. We have a large business area where we create digital content for our customers, and that is precisely what we show that we can when we have something on Instagram, “says Stine Kirkegaard Hoffmann, pointing out that for a Bureau like Noise PR is Instagram today, what a website was just a few years ago. Stine Kirkegaard Hoffmann believes Noise PR was the first movers at Instagram among Danish agencies: “We have been working with influencers from the beginning, which is an integral part of the way we communicate. We have a Facebook page, but uncertainty about algorithms and a not just as a visual platform as Instagram has made us concentrate on Instagram, “she says.

LinkedIn is suitable for B2B

For the office of No Zebra, which has offices in both Copenhagen and Aarhus, social media play an important role in their communication and marketing strategy.

“We have a good effect of specifically LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to support activities and goals. LinkedIn wins highly on organic reach, while Facebook and Instagram – along with Google Ads – are still ahead of effective online advertising, “says Andreas G. Jensby, Communications & Marketing Manager in No Zebra.

In addition to Facebook, No Zebra LinkedIn uses large-scale media, as this media is still relatively “cleaned” for cat videos, shitstorms, and indifference.

“In a B2B context, LinkedIn makes real sense, and we are present both as a business, but also largely as individuals/experts. We have 50 sharp digital brains and a very high level of knowledge in the house, and we use that knowledge to share with the outside world. In addition, the desire to interact with SoMe is typically higher with people than with brands, “says Andreas G. Jensby.

The numbers from Storyclash show that No Zebra has not had the same level of interaction on Instagram as on Facebook in August. But that does not mean that the agency does not bet Instagram as a communication platform.

“We actually use Instagram apart, but most for advertising. As we grow in size, we have been reconsidering our use and purpose of Instagram. Therefore, there has been a little less activity that way than usual. But, both in relation to customers and future employees, Instagram gives a good sense, “says Andreas G. Jensby from No Zebra.