Design Agency Helps Asian Entrepreneur

A 28-year-old Asian resident has developed a healthy soft drink for the Danish market, as a design and SoMe agency has developed a visual identity and designed packaging.

The SoMe bureau Wonderland is behind visual identity and social media strategy for the soft drink Numba, developed by 28-year-old Asian entrepreneur Kareem Ahmed, who lives in Denmark.

Numba is a drink you drink in Sudan and it is based on organic African ingredients, among other things. hibiscus flowers and are not added to sugar and artificial additives.

“I missed this type of soft drink from Sudan, which we drank every day. And the Danes are so health conscious, so I thought it would be good for the Danish market, “says Kareem Ahmed, who came to Denmark in 2004 and holds a BA in Business and Entrepreneurship from CPH Business.

Sustainability in focus

Numba is created and tested in Kareem Ahmad’s kitchen and is based on his mother’s recipes.

The hibiscus flower comes from southern Egypt and is known for a number of health-promoting properties.

Savings used for agency assistance

With long-term savings, Kareem Ahmed could go to Wonderland, who designed the package with an understanding of and involvement of the product’s African DNA, says creative director Simon Nygaard and continues:

“The collaboration with Kareem about the design and identity has been exciting because he is an enthusiastic and driven entrepreneur. He is not the typical customer of Wonderland, but working with ambitious people is always exciting Bet88. The spirit around Numba is good all the way around, so I look forward to seeing our efforts on the shelves all over the country. ”

The drink is available in four flavors; The original Hibiscus Roselle and Sweet Ginger, Baobab Love and Moringa Miracle with organic ingredients from respectively. Kenya and Ghana.

The name Numba is a combination of the words Nubia, one of the world’s oldest kingdoms and cultures, and today a region covering Egypt and Sudan. And the Swahili word Simba, meaning lion.