5 Areas of Action to Strengthen Creative Professions

The government’s growth team for creative professions has solved its task and identified five specific areas of action. Among other things, politicians must make it easier and cheaper to bid on public tasks.

The 13-man-wide committee that the government reduced in the spring to shed light on how creative industries can contribute to Denmark’s growth has now completed its work.

The work has resulted in the designation of five areas of action with a total of 21 concrete recommendations that will “help Denmark to occupy a position as an internationally leading growth environment”.

The bureau has been represented in the so-called Growth Team for Creative Industries at Envision Partner Mona Juul, Creative Director of Garden Communication Christian Garden and former owner of Seidenfaden Design Troels Seidenfaden.

Growth team for the creative professions has identified five areas of action with a total of 21 concrete recommendations to the politicians:

1. Better access to skilled labor

This must be created by, for example, establishing Danish Creative Factories – an entrepreneurial and innovative environment where companies, students and researchers collaborate to create new business models and solutions.

2. Better access to venture capital for new and digital businesses

It will ensure that creative companies grow in Denmark rather than abroad. Among other things, the Growth Fund and others. Use new performance indicators (KPIs) and risk calculation methods for investments in the digital creative business.

3. Public/private interaction shall ensure innovative development environments

It must be cheaper for companies to bid on public tasks. At the same time, the public should be better at using procurement models that promote innovation and sustainability.

4. More effective enforcement of intellectual property rights

According to the growth team, it is easy and widespread to be digital thieves in Denmark, and it is a matter for companies to invest.

5. Increased international visibility and export

The establishment of a public/private partnership must, among other things, further develop and market a common international narrative about Denmark’s creative DNA. At the same time, a three-year trial scheme with production discounts must offset international competition.

Rising global demand

According to the Ministry of Business, the Danish creative profession over a broad crest translates into 248 billion. DKK and represents an increasing share of Denmark’s total exports. By 2016, the share was almost 8.5 percent. corresponding to 92 billion. KR.

According to the growth team, demand for creative competencies globally increases as creative competencies help bridge the gap between technology and human behavior.

And the recommendations also receive a warm welcome from business minister Rasmus Jarlov (K):

“The creative industries are a strong position in the Danish economy, with great figures for both exports, employment, turnover and value creation. I, therefore, look forward to diving into the growth team’s ideas, which I want to take with me in the further work of strengthening the creative industries in Denmark and making them even more competitive, “according to a press release.

The chairman of the committee, Jacob Holm, CEO of Fritz Hansen A / S, says nothing prevents continued sharp growth in exports for the creative industries. If the politicians follow the recommendations of the committee, it can even lead to another 50 percent. growth by 2025.

Requires cooperation

However, the development is not self-evident, Jacob Holm points out. The creative professions are ready to work with government, education and other organizations and foundations to find new solutions.

“Digitalization changes the way we do business, and in a number of areas we need to work together to deal with what has been” good Latin “so far, as it limits our growth and works in the future,” says the chairman.

At DI (Danish Industry), the growth team has already welcomed the initiative and the Minister for Business has followed up with the establishment of a new procurement advisory council to improve public procurement.

The Growth Team for Creative Industries is one of a total of four growth teams, and the follow-up to recommendations from the four committees is on the 2019 Finance Bill totaling a total of 205 million. DKK from 2019-2022.